Responsibility is this month’s virtue of focus in our journey through the Book of Virtues. Remember that God gave many responsibilities to Adam and Eve. Our responsibility to tend the garden like our first parents continues. We need to tend the garden of our souls, hearts and minds. We need to be diligent and responsible to pull Satan’s weeds and water with God’s Word.

The students in Kindergarten will listen to The Three Little Kittens, a poem which many of you may remember. Should the kittens expect pie if they were not responsible for their mittens? Growing in responsibility affords rewards and new responsibilities and both of these blessings which God provides may still be accompanied with the rats of life. To be safe from the rats that pursue us we must stick close to Christ. Fortunately Jesus is the friend that sticks closer than a brother and like, the mother cat, is more than strong enough to protect us. Continue the discussion about responsibility with your children and be transparent about our need to all grow in this virtue.