Our tagline on the website reads, FCS, Leading the Christian Classical resurgence in the Waterloo Region. That may sound like a nice tagline, but are we developing Kingdom Kids or Slaves of Satan?

I am often asked, what is Classical Christian Education? And I am tempted to ask the askers, what is public education? Or what is Christian school education? Or what is Roman Catholic education? Or what is Home School education? Asking these questions of others will challenge them to think more critically about the particular mode of education they have accepted and by extension trusted the minds and hearts of their children with. So we need to be ready as the Bible words it to be ready in season and out of season to give a reason, a defense, an apologia for Classical Christian School education just as we are to have for our hope/faith. Answers to what it is, how does it work, what are its supporting philosophies and how is it implemented? Asking and answering these kinds of questions for the many different educational options is good for all parties. Personally as a product of the public education system combined with studying its philosophies, objectives and methods I’m convinced that secular, humanistic, government controlled education is an extremely poisonous environment for developing Kingdom Kids because it is designed to develop Slaves of Satan.

To be fair, we also need to ask ourselves if there are ways the environment at FCS is producing Slaves of Satan rather than Kingdom Kids. Do we create in any way distrust in God’s Word? Do we act like Jesus is simply a good moral teacher rather than LORD and Saviour? Do we make light of sin and peddle cheap grace by offering a truncated gospel? We can easily help prepare Slaves of Satan rather than Kingdom Kids when we live and teach in such a way that the gospel is compartmentalized, useful as fire insurance but useless as pertaining to relationships, family, school, work, politics and all of life. It starts in our homes, what are we doing with the atonement? Does it radically impact all areas of life or are we fashioning a Slave of Satan starting with ourselves?