Developing the character quality of focus is important but maybe more important is the focus point. A pastor once said, Gaze at the Lord and glance at our circumstances. Dr. Steve Scheibner in Character Matters shares that we as educators and you as parents must teach children to look for the lessons that God has for us in the disappointing circumstances. Philippians 4:8 can be used amidst the disappointing circumstance to help your children to look for what is good, true, lovely, etc. in their present situation. Teaching them to gaze at the Lord and to treat their circumstances as momentary light affliction will be a tool that will strengthen their character both today and far into their future.

This quality of focus is hard enough for adults, let alone teenagers or 4 year olds. Learning to get our eyes off of the circumstances of life and onto the Lord should be our life long aspiration. When the Lord looms large in our minds eye the challenges of life will conform to their true estimation. Wisdom is thinking Gods thoughts after Him. Even though His thoughts are above our thoughts and His ways beyond our ways, with the Holy Spirits direction our minds are renewed by the washing of the Word. As you work through the challenging circumstances of life model to your children the reframing you do to show what Jesus is teaching you in the trials with the requisite gazing.