by Theodosia Pickering Garrison

Because I craved a gift too great

For any prayer of mine to bring,

To-day with empty hands I go;

Yet must my heart rejoice to know

I did not ask a lesser thing.

Because the goal I sought lay far

In cloud-hid heights, to-day my soul

Goes unaccompanied of its own;

Yet this shall comfort me alone,

I did not seek a nearer goal.

O gift ungained, O goal unwon!

Still am I glad, remembering this,

For all I go unsatisfied,

I have kept faith with joy denied,

Nor cheated life with cheaper bliss.

Our virtue for the month is Courage. This poem speaks about the courage to dream which is often squelched from the heart of a child sometime before high school. God given dreams should be bigger than anything we can attain to in our own strength. God glorifying dreams require us to pray, hope and change resulting in renewed courage despite falling short.