A common reason given for why it is best/appropriate for children, from Christian homes to attend government/pagan schools has and continues to be their vital ‘salt and light’ influence. Many parents and pastors believe Jesus instructs children to have influence on peers and staff in the harvest field of public education.

A different way of looking at the ‘salt and light’ childhood construct is to read the Bible and learn that Jesus told his disciples to be salt and light. Who were Jesus disciples and should that teach us anything about the context of the salt and light directive? The disciples happened to be hand selected, grown men who received an intensive three year “on the job” training regime with the God Man, divinity made flesh, master teacher prior to their salt and light identity/directive.

At Verideia we are not Jesus, but like the biblical pattern we seek to provide an intensive, Christ equipping, discipleship experience. Our environment is designed to prepare the next generation to learn and acquire essential wisdom and virtue by the working of the Holy Spirit in order to be the preserving/purifying influence of salt and the brightness of the truth of God, to shine into this dark and rebellious world.

Another aside, just before Jesus told His disciples they would be salt and light He told them how blessed they would be when they received persecution and when others reviled them and treated them like the prophets who came before them, and we know they were killed. We are blessed to be persecuted for the cause of the gospel but I don’t think most parents are hoping for that specific blessing for their children in elementary school.