At the beginning of a New Year we often take stock of our lives. In the area of friends are you wealthy? In the area of family are you wealthy? In the area of faith are you wealthy? All that we have comes by way of the Father’s provision; however, we often feel lacking in different areas of our lives because we don’t follow biblical principles for human flourishing. In fact we can and do sabotage ourselves by way of our own sinful choices. Take family for example. Marriage breakdowns, children thought as burdens instead of blessings, and personal entertainment superseding family interaction each stem mostly from the sin of selfishness.

In the area of finances God has called us to be wise stewards of his limitless resources. At the bare minimum this should require long-term thinking and delayed gratification. Applying these principles to finances will produce wealth and applying these principles to other areas of our lives will also produce wealth. Take more than a few moments to think about and apply long-term thinking to your marriage, do the same with delayed gratification, then repeat with family, friends, faith and fitness. So much of the lack of wealth in our lives stems from not taking seriously God’s creation mandates to subdue the earth, be fruitful and fill the earth, all with stewarding wisdom.