This upcoming Sunday I have the privilege of teaching a Sunday school lesson on the Age of the Earth. What will be challenging is that it is a lesson for the whole church, young to old. Fortunately previous lessons have firmly established who is God and what is the Bible. At FCS, a high view of Scripture and a correct understanding of the Godhead has also been taught, which enables us to approach the Bible differently than all other books. From there it is simple addition. Adam and Eve were created on the 6th day. Then fathers begat sons, with 10 generations from Adam to Noah and then 10 generations to Abraham. Because these are chrono-genealogies it adds up to about 2000 years. From Abraham to Jesus we have approximately 2000 years then add 2018 more years since Jesus and voila approximately 6000 years. This may all seem nave, given what modern cosmology and geology have been teaching for the last 150 years; however the real naivet would be changing the meaning of Gods words to fit the materialistic views of His creatures. At the same time we recognize Christians have and continue to hold a variety of views on this question giving the Church an important topic to debate charitably with one another as we dig into Gods Word comparing scripture with scripture.