God is each virtues goal, its impulse and its crown.

He is its only why, reward and sole renown.

Angelus Silesius (1624-1677)

Virtue comes from God and should be unto God. Dads, you are commissioned as the spiritual head of your family and thus the most influential role model of virtue to your wife and children. Being commissioned as the spiritual leader of the family and actually leading can be two different things. Leaders lead! Therefore there should be a direct correlation in the virtue formation of your spouse and children because of your leadership. The eternal influence this will have in your family will be your legacy.

When all is said and done, Dad, as the most influential ambassador of Christ serving your wife and children, your wife will love you almost as much as she loves Jesus and your children will love you almost as much as they love Jesus and the heights of this love will be impacted by how much you love Jesus.

Dads, I encourage you to read Standing Tall by Steve Farrar.