There is a saying, prepare the child for the road ahead not the road ahead for the child. This sentiment aligns well with scripture which locates our struggles at its source, in the heart.

Just how does the world vehemently reject this reality? First off they deny our fallen nature in Adam. Then they deny we are born rebels at heart and spiritually dead to the high calling in Christ for a restored relationship with God. So if our heart is not the problem as the world believes then it must be the system, philosophies, and environment that influence us as amoral animals.

This is where all the confusion lies. Christians know their problem is spiritual, non-Christians think their problem is systemic in nature. By looking at things through these two different worldview lens we can start to make sense of the two different roads to human flourishing. The interesting thing about these two different worldviews is that beyond the different understandings about what it means to be human they
have very different views on what human flourishing should entail. To foster human flourishing in our students they learnLying lipsare an abomination to the Lord; But those who deal truthfully are His delight. Human flourishing is wrapped up in the Fathers delight in our imitation of Jesus through the power of the Holy Ghost.

When the world tries to pass the buck to the environment and systems they are preparing the road ahead because apart from the work of the Holy Spirit man is irredeemable and maybe, deep down, they know it.