Imagine the feeling you would have swimming in the middle of the ocean. My pulse quickens just at the thought of it. This kind of feeling in me grows stronger each year. In our school brochure is says we are uniquely situated as a minority in a sea of opposing values, beliefs and practices. Do you have a similar feeling? For me the contrast between Gods wisdom and mans seems starker each day.

Christians used to say we need to take up our cross and follow Jesus. Now some Christians are saying that the main sin of today is the one you are unconsciously perpetrating against your brother. Before, the church believed that in Christ we could love our enemies. Now we are told you cant even do that with your friend. God says Be holy as I am holy, but I understood this command was impossible, which all the more drove me to the cross of Christ, to His atonement, and His righteousness. The message I am getting today is that the efforts of Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit arent enough anymore. It seems like the armour of God and providing an environment that fosters the fruit of the Spirit is lacking in ways the Bible couldnt foresee. It used to be the Holy Spirit and Scripture revealed how I was missing the mark (sin). I thought Jesus wanted us to live out the reality of our new birth and conduct ourselves as saints and not through our old identity as slaves to sin. Now it is the high priests of wokeness to which the church is looking to diagnose our malady and though their condemnation seems real, is their remedy the authentic answer that God somehow forgot to tell us about?

Remember the sea the world has its own set of values, beliefs, and practices and they are opposed to Gods. If the world is championing values, beliefs and practices unheard of by the church before, in all likelihood they are not of God and will not find any consummation in the Lord Jesus Christ.