Lately I have been reading a book called Think, by John Piper and as a result, have been thinking about thinking. In educational circles this is called metacognition. We know as Christians that we are called to renew our minds and part of this requires us to think about our thinking. Because God has made us in His image our thinking is connected to our whole being so

Indeed, thoughts and affections are sibi mutuo causae the mutual causes of each other: Whilst I mused, the fire burned Psalm 39:3 so that thoughts are the bellows that kindle and inflame affections; and then if they are inflamed, they cause thoughts to boil; therefore men newly converted to God, having new and strong affections, can with more pleasure think of God than any. Thomas Goodwin

Spirit directed thinking fans the flames of deep and satisfying worship of God through the humility which results from truly seeing ourselves aright in relation to Him. Talk about the importance of metacognition with your children, reminding them we can only go so far without the work of the Holy Spirit to align our affection correctly.