While teaching the grade ones and twos the other day I read to them the story of The Darning Needle by Hans Christian Andersen. This story teaches about the consequences of being above hard work. The Adamic Dominion Mandate involved hard work and the curse from the Fall only added to it, yet it seems like whether its today or in the story of The Darning Needle many feel hard work is beneath them. Too good for darning slippers, the darning needle broke and was then retrofitted to serve as a breast pin. Too proud as a breast pin, she fell off of the neckerchief and was washed down the gutter. Proud of her pride she had further adventures as a mast of an eggshell ship whose voyage ended abruptly after being crushed by a wagon wheel leaving her prostrate in the road.

The darning needle in the story was broken, lost, tarnished and crushed all the while growing in her own estimation of herself. Pride cripples servanthood whereas humility nourishes a strong work ethic. It’s no wonder the Protestant Work Ethic produced a flourishing culture which we still benefit from today. Take the time to talk with your children about the virtue and nobility of work as well as the dangers and
damage of thinking you are above it.