Jesus tells the parable of a house built on sand contrasted with a house built on a rock to commend obedience. I would like you to think of the education here at Verideia as building individual castles. The base of the castle is a students foundation, their body,
mind and soul. On top of the foundation, we build with bricks comprised of broad content, grammar, logic, and rhetoric to support a kingdom leader. A well supported Kingdom Leader will fly the flags of wisdom and virtue. They will have the battlements of servanthood as they fight for their own and others physical, material, and spiritual freedom.

The castle being built by the progressive and pagan public educators is built on the foundation of the student being treated as a feeling driven brain. This brain cycles through what seems an endless study, pass, forget cycle in order to acquire a marketable skill or knowledge set. This outcome, which is often not much more that a credential, is all for the goal of a job to fund record high consumer debt. This enslavement to the lender is usually accompanied with an ideological and spiritual bondage. In the end the only ones happy with this outcome are Satan and his cohorts. The question which comes to mind is which castles are the Christian family and Church passionate about building