I am colour blind in the red/green spectrum such that I fail the test that verifies such a deficit. Growing up I was unaware that I perceived any differently than others. Are Christians unaware of their blindness with regards to everyday lived out righteousness? In speaking with a prospective family the other day, we talked about this blindness to what should be a glaring contrast between the way of Jesus and that of the
world. In todays selfie culture, pride, consumerism, and worship of self reign supreme over and against humility, contentment, and worship of the triune God. More and more Christians seem to be drawn to the worship of self. Why? Because everyone is doing it. When did the majority start determining morality or what righteous living is? To what degree can a Christian be spiritually blind to the wicked rebellion that pride, consumerism and worship of self is to a holy God and still be a Christian? If the way of the world doesnt bring forth horrified disdain deep down in our souls have we stopped to perceive the vibrant colours which in part is our obedience to Christ? Classical Christian education seeks to see and paint with the vibrant colours of the gospel of Christ and the palate of the Word while government education exalts its grey scale. When will more of the Church lose its colour blindness and teach the next generation to pursue the full colour spectrum of a life lived exulting Jesus Christ our Lord.