In the book Heaven by Roger Ellsworth given to families last month, chapter 12 is entitled Under Heavens Spell. In this chapter it is argued that we most flourish the more heavenly focused we are. This is opposite to the sentiment of being too heavenly minded to be of any earthly good.

What does focusing on heaven have to do with the incarnation of Jesus Christ which the masses give lip service to during the Christmas season and to do with Classical Christian education? I believe that the wonder of the second person of the trinity leaving heaven and entering our fallen abode speaks to the mind blowing lengths God has gone to, to ultimately direct our hearts back to the glory of Himself and the
place He is preparing for us. Wonderwonder whether in the hope of the new heaven and new earth or wonder in our current reality which God is using to prepare us for our future existence gives us a unique perspective which the world desperately needs.

I once scorned every fearful thought of death, When it was but the end of pulse and breath, But now my eyes have seen that past the pain There is a world waiting to be claimed. Earthmaker, Holy, let me now depart, For livings such a temporary art. And dying is but getting dressed for God, Our graves are merely doorways cut in sod.
Calvin Miller

This Christmas season wonder anew in Emanuel, God
with us and what that will be like in the consummation.