The Bible refers to children being like arrows. This can be a challenging purpose for parents, first, requiring trust in God in preparing the arrows and then firing them to hit the mark for God’s glory. I have been told by a pastor that parents have concerns about their children serving God in overseas missions. They probably want their children to have Christ’s heart for the lost, just the lost in their home town. Classical Christian education helps fashion arrows to be true, fly straight, far, and to hit the mark for the Kingdom of God.

Do you think the majority of Christian parents do not invest in Christian education for their children because they do not want to release their children too far? Or because they do not think of their children as arrows? Or because they have teeny tiny aspirations for the arrows God has blessed them with? When we meditate on the promises of God wrapped up in eternal life, life abundant, reigning with Christ and ruling in the new heaven and earth we really should be preparing arrows to fly as far as possible for the glory of the King