Latin and Greek are the most influential languages in history. They are not dead languages, as they are used every day, read by millions of people including classics such as How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Winnie the Pooh.

Like math, Latin develops the intellectual powers of the mind such as accuracy, logical thinking, organization and problem solving. And like math (a language) the primary benefit of Latin is the formation of the mind, not the acquiring of information. The very nature of the subject transforms the character of a student’s mind. Like math, Latin instruction through the grades promotes mastery learning, which is like the experience of climbing a mountain. Is it intelligence that gets you to the top of the mountain or perseverance, hard work, stamina, or will and grit? Climbing a mountain takes a plan, a never give up attitude, wits, flexibility and preparation. Latin prepares a student to climb to the top of the mountain God is preparing them to climb.

We know God’s high purposes for His people here on earth entail ongoing sanctification (being conformed to the likeness of Christ). And we know that that transformation in not so much what we know, but rather who we become. The same is true for classical Christian education. Jesus is concerned more about us being like Him not simply knowing about Him and Jesus is more concerned with how the instruction and training process at FCS is molding the character of each student over how much they know. Do you feel the same way?

I recommend reading A Defense of Latin and Classical Education by Memoria Press.