Small things can make all the difference! How do your children perceive that they are loved by you more than you are critical of their behavior? Do you know if your child’s love tank is filled up? By working through a book like, The Five Love Languages for Children (in our parent library) you can determine what exactly are your child’s love languages. Then you can be strategic and intentional with the limited time you have with them. For example, if your child’s love language is “physical touch”, sending them off to school with a hug and a kiss or a pat on the shoulder will start their day off well. If their love language is “acts of service” and when they get home you give them a homemade cookie and pour them a glass of milk or fix a button on their favourite shirt your relationship over time should become more open and deeper in richness. Along the lines of parent/child interaction research shows that increased father/child time together results in better adjusted and more successful children. So it’s not just knowing how to express love in meaningful ways but taking the time necessary to consistently express Christ’s love for your child. Before and after school expressions of love for your children are small but powerful means to make a difference in your child’s life.