If you are like me the New Year is a reason to reflect on the passage of time and the significance of life. Do you remember ‘Two Weeks to Flatten the Curve’? That was over three and a half years ago, or ‘9-11’, that was over 23 years ago. Significant events which we may feel just happened, continue to recede as time marches on. About two thousand years ago our Lord was hung on a tree for us and our salvation and through the power of the Spirit, the sacrifice of the Lamb of God ought to be as significant as the day it occurred. So how do we value the time God graciously grants us?

J. Foster said,

“Keep forever in view the momentous value of life; aim at its worthiest use – its sublimest end; spurn, with distain, those foolish trifles and frivolous vanities, which so often consume life, as the locust did Egypt; and devote yourself, with the ardor of a passion, to attain the most divine improvements of the human soul. In short, hold yourself in preparation to make the transition to another life, whenever you shall be claimed by the Lord of the world.”

In the light of Christ and eternity, time takes on its rightful value. Talk with your families about the precious value of the time the Lord grants us and how we will benefit from using it differently.