I hurt my leg two weeks ago while playing Pickleball, and I was concerned and frustrated not knowing the extent of my injury. A muscle tear is one thing but a stress fracture is another. Whatever the severity, I wanted to know so I could rehab it accordingly.

I have had a similar kind of concern and frustration over the two weeks to flatten the curve, a treatment based on medical modelling at that time. Given that the modelling was proven to be degrees of magnitude over blown, it is nonsensical that the two weeks morphed into 53 weeks and counting? It is one thing to treat a muscle strain like it were a compound fracture, but given other appendages started to suffer, you have to wonder if we have the right malpractice insurance coverage in place.

If those in power are looking at this totally different now and have the goal of eliminating all infection and any related deaths, then I believe we are treading in waters too deep for mankind. For the scriptures tell us that death is the last enemy and we aren’t going to vanquish it, only Jesus will.

So, with your children, look for ways to talk about this enemy death which Christians should not fear for there is nothing this world can offer to compare with seeing Jesus face to face, clothed in His righteousness!