As a young boy spending my summers at the family cottage I would walk along the shore line in my search for sea shells and sea glass. Sea glass is what we called the worn smooth pieces of broken glass bottles of different colours that if you had a keen eye you could find mixed with the pebbles and sand. This glass has usually lost its rough edges worn smooth by the abrasion of water, sand and pebbles over time. Sea glass reminds me of children who are shaped by the influence of different things in their lives over time. Sea glass is not formed in a matter of days or weeks, it is years of washing up on shore that transforms a clear sharp shard of glass into the opaque, soft and rounded sea glass I enjoyed collecting. Child formation involves this same aspect of influence, hours and hours each day over years. The $24,000.00 question is…what is most shaping your children and what or who is getting most of their time? It only makes sense that what influences them most of the time will be what most influences them.