December 25th… whether or not this is the actual anniversary of the birth of King Jesus, we do know an important proclamation and rich celebration was inaugurated by heavenly hosts one night long ago. Knowing that the incarnation of the Son of God is in all ways more significant and life changing for mankind than for the angels, we ought to exhibit greater joy, wonder and thanksgiving than all the realms of angels ever have.

Our students have been memorizing Luke 2:1-20 this past month. What starts off as an everyday birth of a baby boy, to a young Jewish mother, quickly changes to the one time in history birth of the Messiah in fulfillment of prophecy for the glory of God and peace and good will toward men. Amazing grace, how could it be that thou my God should leave heaven, become man, in order to save a sinner like me? May your rejoicing be greater than that of the angels this Christmas season.