“Estipah-skikikini-kots” is Blackfoot for Head Smashed In, an aboriginal buffalo jump site in the Porcupine Hills of southwestern Alberta. The Blackfoot would drive bison off the 11-metre-high sandstone cliff that was close to a natural grazing area. It is estimated that 45 million kilograms of meat were prepared at the bottom of this cliff. Oral history from explorers records that people dressed in wolf skins spooked animals in the right direction while others disguised in buffalo skins gently encouraged followers which then they corralled by rocks, sticks and flapping ribbons and the buffalo were funneled for over 10 kilometers toward the ledges.

I used this hunting technique as an analogy of the mechanism of fear being employed in our society. It is crucial that you speak with your children about the people in wolf skins, the rocks and flapping ribbons of our day, designed to stampede the masses. God call us to discern the times. Teach your children that most FEAR in our lives is False Evidence Appearing Real while our greatest fear should be falling into the hands of an angry God.