This week in Canadian politics it was unanimously passed that biological based male and female norms are ‘myth’. Bill C-4 even sounds explosive so just imagine when dads across the land are doing hard time for counselling their sons to pass on childhood castration. Are our governing leaders missing the boat this Christmas? How is it that we are staying out of jail for singing ‘Once in Royal David’s City’ or ‘Come Thou Long Expected Jesus’? How can traditional Christmas songs which enculturate and celebrate the promised Saviour who would suffer for our sins on the cross, and was also the same pre-existent Son of God who created cisgender, permeate the radio waves in a non-mythological country? Are you waiting for the other shoe to drop, where we legally can only sing songs to Santa for classic gifts like hormone blockers and drag-queen ensembles? Christmas in Canada will be very schizophrenic this year. I think they still sell boys and girls bikes. If they do, the owners of Walmart should be arrested just like pastors will be for promulgating such mythical binary categories.