My Grandparents on my mother’s side, for many years would live for six months in Bayfield, Ontario and then for six months in Petersburg, Florida. We call this demographic, Snow Birds, because they ‘fly’ South escaping our winter climate. Flash forward to today where a thousand people a day are moving to Florida permanently which would be 365,000 people a year from all across North America.

People will tend to move to where they believe they can best flourish.

Today, instead of just escaping the snow, people are fleeing tyranny and oppression so they can flourish in the warmth of freedom and liberty. When Ontario’s MSM lauds our governments Covid response and bashes Florida’s, one should ask, why then aren’t thousands of Floridians fleeing to Ontario?

Jesus came to set the captives free and as thousands are waking up to the harms of tyranny we pray for a spiritual awakening where people will gladly, ‘uproot’ and ‘sell everything’ to live in the promised land.

For many it feels more like we are the Hebrews enslaved in Egypt trying to make our quota of bricks without access to straw. May we cry out to God for deliverance not just a new zip code!