This year’s chapels will be rich with biblical teaching from the 7 Cs of History. The second C is Corruption which powerfully explains the reason for this broken creation. From the beginning, the pinnacle of creation Adam and Eve could choose to obey or not to obey God, and the rest of history will show us why it is always best to obey God. I believe all those redeemed by the Lamb with resurrected bodies in the new heaven and earth will have no desire not to obey in part because all will know it is always best to obey God.

The Fall of man illustrates how in Adam we think we know better that God and, in many ways, we still act the same today. Our natural tendency is to think we are autonomous, self-sufficient and disconnected from creational design paradigms. While the world is reimagining itself according to its own imagination Christians ought to be daily conformed to the image of

It is important that you talk with your children about their connection in Adam with his original sin and how our everyday battle with remaining sin is ultimately poisonous fruit stemming from Adamic roots. But now, rejoice that in Christ the second Adam we are new creatures in whom everything is being made new.