Today was Fabulous Friday in which we came to school in our House colours while our boys’ and girls’ soccer teams played in their CAASO tournament in Brantford. Today is National Truth and Reconciliation Day and today is also the ‘last’ day of travel enslavement for millions of Canadians. These last two occasions are fittingly emblematic of a government operating as if it were God almighty.

When a government operates in the place of God it assumes its minions, children included belong to them and so they do not see the problem of assuming responsibility for their children’s formation and instruction; whether in past residential or current government schools.

When our government operates in the place of God a citizen’s freedom to travel is a privilege they can grant or deny whenever it pleases them to do so because freedom of movement shall have nothing to do with a natural rights endowed by the God of the Bible.

I mourn for our government for it never goes well for those who operate from a posture of deity. I pray that their delusions of grandeur would dissolve in this lifetime for if it doesn’t they are in for the rudest of awakenings and what a Friday that will be.