As FCS journeys through The Book of Virtues together, we are moving from ‘Perseverance’ and looking next at ‘Honesty’. I like how our chapel speaker described the Bible acting as a mirror. The virtues we look into at school can also show us, like a mirror, our desperate need of the Gospel and the Holy Spirit’s transforming ministry in our lives.

We would agree that God is honest with us and that we appreciate honesty from others whether it is our spouse, children, government or friends. So why are we often dishonest? You hear people say they long for others to be real, genuine, and authentic so why do we embellish, exaggerate, shade the truth, fake concern, cover and conceal our hearts?

Whenever you work with people you will experience degrees of dishonesty. While speaking with students working through conflict, it is common place for them to be less than honest when explaining the situation. My thoughts often go to, how honest are they with themselves, with their parents and more importantly how honest are they on a moment by moment basis with our ever present triune God? We know we cannot flee God’s presence and we ought to hunger and thirst for honesty in our ways and words simply because it is an essential characteristic of our Lord Jesus Christ. Talk about honesty with your families and why it is a mirror for our hearts.