Just Another Federal Election?

Whether it is British boys surviving on an island or an ethnically and gender diverse government cabinet, fallen nature results in fallen behaviour.

This is being written following a snap Federal Election and so I probably could draw some interesting parallels from the story of the ‘Lord of the Flies’, a required summer read for incoming grade eight students. For those who remember the characters in this novel, who has exhibited the character traits of Simon, Ralph, Jack or Piggy? Apart from God’s revealed will in the Scriptures and a receptivity to them by the Spirit of God, fear of the unknown, justified cruelty and a disintegration of society are common results.

In conclusion we are left saying as the officer at the end of the ‘Lord of the Flies’ comments, “I should have thought… I should have thought that a pack of British boys – you’re all British boys, aren’t you? Would have been able to put up a better show than that – I mean.” Combining a fuller appreciation for human depravity and the sovereignty of God can help us through skinned knees, the betrayal of a friend and even a Federal Election.