This year’s chapel theme is the Parables of Jesus. After we decided on this theme, I exhorted the teachers of the importance of correctly interpreting or explaining their parable in chapel. While preparing for the first chapel I quickly realized this could be a lot harder than I made it out to be! Uh Oh! In the parable of the Hidden Treasure found in Matthew 13:44, what does the treasure represent? The gospel? Jesus? Israel? The Kingdom of Heaven? The Church? Is the man supposed to be a believer? Jesus? Seekers? The last thing I want to do is teach the wrong meaning of scripture, so check with your child and let me know.

The master teacher, Jesus used parables to teach his followers the way they should live and fortunately he often explained them but in some cases he didn’t and I personally would be devastated to lead students astray. Jesus warns that it would be better if a millstone be tied around my neck than that I might cause a little one to stumble in their faith.

This is a good reminder that our direct teaching of God’s Word as well as our indirect teaching through the example of our lives is a very weighty matter. Just know, as a school we feel the weight of our responsibility before God and as the other influencers in your child’s life feel that weight, Lord willing your children will feel it as well.