I saw Emmanuel, when he possess’d
His town of Mansoul; and how greatly blessed
A town his gallant town of Mansoul was,
When she received his pardon, loved his laws,
When the Diabolonians were caught,
When tried, and when to execution brought,
Then I was there; yea, I was standing by
When Mansoul did the rebels crucify.
I also saw Mansoul clad all in white,
I heard her Prince call her his heart’s delight.
I saw him put upon her chains of gold,
And rings, and bracelets, goodly to behold.
What shall I say? I heard the people’s cries,
And saw the Prince wipe tears from Mansoul’s eyes.
– John Bunyan

When Prince Emmanuel rules in our hearts there is so much involved that John Bunyan likens it to a Prince governing his city. Each of us is like the city of Mansoul where evil inhabitants must be addressed through joyful submission to the true Prince in order for our city to flourish. If you have been blessed by reading Pilgrim’s Progress, please consider reading John Bunyan’s second great allegory rich with graphic symbolism, The Holy War.

As the world focuses on wars and rumours of war may we rather focus on wars for and of the soul. Wars are part and parcel of History, however, the spiritual battle raging for every human soul is far more consequential. We are eternal in contrast to the nations which rise and fall. May The Holy War prioritize for us the right fight to fight and what Prince to serve.