Today progressive education has successfully shaped the affections of young people towards scientism (science is the only way to find truth), equity/equality (there is nothing better or worse, just different), individualism (identity politics), neo-Marxism (the government can and should solve all inequalities), and along with other modern and postmodern affections leading to servitude (it’s all about your job). To the degree you think education is all about the job is the degree that your affections have been shaped by the Canadian Progressive Paideia in operation for the last one hundred years.

Our prior Paideia (formative enculturation) was a Western Christian Paideia. It oriented the soul’s
affections toward virtue and wisdom founded on divine truth. I wonder that VCCA’s beautiful ethnic diversity is, in part, due to the fact that many of our families have been less influenced by the formative power of the Canadian Progressive Paideia. I used to think Canadian Christian parents were like frogs slowly being boiled but the more I understand the power of paideia the more I realize that Canadian Christian parents and their children have Canadian Progressive aligned affections. What they want in many ways is what the world wants and thus it’s all about the job.

What mystifies me is that so many Christian parents want what the world wants for their children, ‘it’s all about the job’ oblivious that this, in the end, leads to servitude, modern day slavery, all pursued with a holy passion.