Whether these times are unusual or not, we do know God has created us for these times. What is our purpose during these unusual times? The same as it was before these times, to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. Interestingly these unusual times may be a foil for glorifying God as we the bride love Christ in contrast to the worlds rebellion.

At Verideia we have chosen to focus our affections on the good, the true and the beautiful in a pursuit of virtue and wisdom, while the surrounding culture is running in the opposite direction. The reality of the Trinity is the basis for particularity and community while the incarnation of Christ establishes the dignity and union of the spiritual and physical. Without an absolute distinction between God and man we loose our freedom in responsibility. Without the incarnation there is not an ultimate value inherent in the physical.

Today we may think our liberties and freedoms are being eroded and from a Christian worldview that is concerning but from the standpoint of a culture that has rejected the transcendent, who is to say? Who is to say freedom is a virtue or responsibility to God is a virtue? Who is to say by enjoying God we best magnify Him? For such a time as this we can live as people with a reason to value freedom because we are accountable to our holy creator and that only through redemption in Christ will we enjoy a relationship with the infinite for eternity. The rest is so much stubble to be burned.