What kind of heart work was God doing on you this Easter? For me this Easter caused me to reflect on the awesome space between me and God. Hopefully Easter never loses its mystery nor its majesty and I trust that every day is illuminated by the light of the resurrection morning penetrating the shadows and effects of remaining sin in your life.

For some reason God impressed on my heart the infinitely great chasm that exists between our Triune God and His creation and the similar gulf between Gods holiness and my rebellion and unrighteousness. So given this great expanse, how could we be brought nigh? Mystery and majesty it was through the obedience of Jesus which drove him to the cross, not hunts for Easter eggs or gnawing on chocolate bunny ears. Do our students think of Easter in relation to rabbits or as the most horrific event in all of History followed by the most victorious? The unimaginable fury of Gods wrath poured out fully on His only begotten Son. This same Son, who He has intimately loved for all eternity past, was bruised instead of wicked rebels like us, is more than I can take in. That this same God Man defeated death and the grave three day later, is also more than I can take in. If Easter is more that you can take in, living out that amazement each day will be the best thing you can do to influence your family.