There once was a marionette that was trapped due to a lying problem. How is it that a flock of woodpeckers freed him? This story was shared with our students and you may remember that this marionette’s name was Pinocchio.

I am amazed how frequently issues involving truth impact us each day. Our school’s name Verideia means “training in truth” and this brings with it a certain weight and responsibility to our educational endeavor. Our chapels have recently highlighted truth, being truthful, the importance of truth and that Jesus is truth.

In this day and age of mass communication and the proliferation of information, it is even more challenging to discern truth from lies. We know who the ultimate father of lies is and his agenda but I still think we can be deceived even about ourselves. How many lies do I believe are true? How can I know for sure especially when at times I can’t verify truth claims for myself? Many times we have to operate on faith.

Have you paused to think about how we can be like Pinocchio? Is someone pulling our strings? Do our lies have short legs or long noses? I do know that it would be a lot easier to discern if lies resulted in extended ‘proboscises’, but then we may not be able to accommodate masks anymore.