During yard duty on Monday, which was both cold and sunny, I watched a beautiful sight that for some reason I equated with a spiritual reality. A number of boys were playing on a pile of snow, jumping, sliding and digging when one of them lay down and asked the others to bury him. The others enthusiastically agreed and then each of them was fighting for the next turn to be covered in snow. What spiritual illustrations do you see in this? I saw the means by which we are restored to the Father in love and communion. I saw the necessity for someone else to do the covering. You can not cover yourself. I saw the delight and enthusiasm the boys exhibited. Does their joy pale in comparison to ours? If it does not, we need to reflect on the beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ again and contemplate the imputation of the merits of the second person of the Trinity through the work of the Holy Spirit. Amazing grace, how can it be?