Responsibility – Doing what I have been entrusted to do.

In the month of November students learn about responsibility from The Book of Virtues. Kindergarten students learn about King Alfred and the Cakes, a story about what happened to King Alfred when his armies were being beaten by the Danes during the Danish conquest.

King Alfred escaping for his life by playing the part of a lowly shepherd, tired and hungry he begged for help from a woodcutter’s wife. He was graciously taken in and promised some supper if he would watch the cakes. His one responsibility was to ensure the bread wouldn’t burn the very food he longed for. Engrossed in his worries he sat in front of the hearth with smoke filling the small dwelling.

When the woodcutter’s wife returned the King got the rebuke, he deserved for ruining the meal the family was anticipating. When the woodcutter arrived home recognizing the King, he rebuked his wife for scolding her noble ruler, but as the woodcutter’s wife was apologizing the King said. “You were right to scold me.” I told you I would watch the cakes, and then I let them burn. I deserve what you said. Anyone who accepts a duty, whether it be large or small, should perform it faithfully. I have failed this time, but it will not happen again. My duties as king await me.”

Growing in maturity means growing in being responsible in small then larger duties. Talk with even your younger children how they can do what they have been entrusted to do.